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September 8, 2015 admin

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The Year of BounceBacktion: Building Resilience with Intention/Action

Three of our four kids are seniors in high school or college this year, and the fourth one’s not far behind. (“Breathe!” we tell each other.) Our seniors are looking at a year of applications, interviews, acceptances and rejections — and decisions. As mothers, we are looking at graduations and separations — and no doubt a year of ups and downs, tears and cheers, and surprises for everyone involved.

We (think we) are ready for 2015-16. Are you?

In anticipation, we are dubbing it our Year of BounceBacktion — a year of actively focusing on resilience. We’ve renewed our soul-sister pact to intentionally look for opportunities to step back and let our kids handle the tough stuff when it comes, when it’s appropriate, on their own.

Will you join us? Because whether your kids are headed to Kindergarten or college, there will be ups and downs. And you’ll have to decide how to handle those rough spots as a parent.

This year, we will remind each other that letting our kids bounce/fail helps them learn to bounce back on their own as they grow. Ensuring that they own their accomplishments and their mistakes makes it possible for them to ultimately make their own way.

Welcome back. Here we go … are you in?

Sarah & Trish

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