Can you do 8 and 4?

September 21, 2015 admin

“Mom, did you know you’re not supposed to drive with your hands at ten and two on the steering wheel?” asked the fifteen-year-old on the ride home from driver’s ed.

“Well, that was how we were taught,” said the mother, regripping the wheel for emphasis. “Two hands right here!”

“Yes, but that was before air bags,” said the son.

“True,” said the mother.

“If you’re in an accident and your hands are up high on the wheel, the air bag can break your arms and your arms can then break your face,” he said.

“Ouch,” she said, grimacing. “I can see that.”

“Now we have to drive with our hands at eight and four on the wheel,” he said.

“OK, I can do that,” she said and within minutes caught herself right back at “ten and two.”  Several months later, she’s still working at it.  Thirty-six-year-old habits die hard, but being mindful and determined makes change possible over time.

+REFLECTION: We have so many opportunities as parents, teachers and coaches to model resilient and open-minded behaviors in small, everyday moments. This true story reminded us that kids aren’t the only ones who need to continually be open to learning and growing and adjusting to new situations and new technology.


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