The Bitter Bus

September 18, 2014 admin

After an exhausting morning with her third graders, a teacher sat on a playground bench while her students and she enjoyed some much-needed outside recess time.  A very experienced teacher and good friend came and sat next to her, immediately sensing her friend’s negative vibe.  She listened as her friend vented about several things that had pushed her patience past the limit that morning.

“Are you riding the bitter bus?” the experienced teacher asked her friend, with a knowing grin.”Yes, I am, if you want to know the truth,” she replied.

“Ok, that’s fine,” said the experienced teacher, in a firm but compassionate way.  ”Go ahead and ride a few more stops but then you have to get off.”  They had a good laugh and she continued, “Look, there’s a reason nine-year-olds can’t drive a car or vote. They just don’t make big decisions. They have so much to learn. So remember, when those kids are making mistakes and driving you nuts, they’re only nine and they are doing their best to be nine.”

This true story was shared with us by the teacher who’d been on the bitter bus that day.  She has since been voted teacher of the year.


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