One +Voice at a time

September 18, 2014 admin

The basketball team was off to a pretty good start but the referees were missing some calls, and it was getting a little rough out on the court.

“Are you blind? He lost an arm!” bellowed a dad from the stands, hands cupped around his mouth for full acoustical impact. “Hey REF! I said he LOST an ARM!”  Every time he yelled, the players turned toward him, clearly distracted.

The team mom sat near the dad, a fellow parent, in the stands. She was as uncomfortable about the yelling as she was unsure of what to do about it.

Then, she got an idea.  She pulled out her cell phone. A few minutes later, when the dad yelled again, she tapped him on the shoulder, smiled, and then flashed him the back of her phone, which had a +Works sticker on it a simple blue and black positive sign.

“What’s that?” the dad asked.

“It’s a program about being positive in tough situations,” she said. “Like this one.”

“Oh,” said the dad. “That sounds interesting. Tell me more about that at half-time …”  And she did, beginning a conversation about +PlayWell and +Works that extended over several subsequent games. In the end, it was a win-win for everyone:  for the team mom who found her +Voice, for the dad who chose to stop yelling, and for the kids who were ultimately given what they needed the opportunity to just play.

Change comes one +Voice at a time.


+NOTE: +SNAX stories are true stories shared by +Works team members and supporters. We believe change comes one +Voice at a time; and we are looking for stories to share about people of all ages finding their +Voices and making a difference. If you have a +Story to share, please email us at

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