Pure joy

September 18, 2014 admin

She was so looking forward to a few hours with her girlfriends. After another busy weekend involving sports practice, laundry, grocery shopping and more laundry, she was eager to catch up on some much-needed time for herself.

For the busy banking executive and mom of two little girls, that time was rare, indeed.

Her husband assured her all would be fine as she dashed out the door.

“Dinner is in the oven, and don’t forget to get the girls to bed by 8,” she called as she left. “They have to be at school early tomorrow.”

It was a wonderful evening of laughter, catching up and sharing the inevitable challenges facing all mothers.

Arriving home, she was surprised to see the house aglow with blazing lights. As she approached the front door, she could hear music blaring — was that the soundtrack to Frozen?

She took a deep breath and ventured inside.

Her husband was dancing with their two daughters while they joyfully shrieked, “More, Daddy!” The family dog was lapping up bowls of cereal left on the coffee table, while a tent made from bed sheets covered the sofa. Dinner was untouched in the oven — and it was 9 pm.

She was speechless.

In her mind, she quickly ticked through all the reasons this was wrong. And then, she let it all go, kicked off her heels and joined in the fun, realizing that this was more than good enough. It was pure joy.

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