The tables we set

November 7, 2016 admin

As parents, grandparents, principals, teachers, coaches, business and organization leaders, we all set our “tables” over time. We choose the decor, tone and atmosphere. We make it formal or casual. Relaxed or not. Heavy or light.

When we set our family, school, classroom, team and/or organization table, how does it look? How does it feel? Does it matter?

Is it a table that our people join with joy? Is it a table they leave with confidence?

Is it a table that encourages authentic conversation? That welcomes different points of view?

Is there a sense of humor? A sense of respect?

How do we set our table — or tables? Do we set it only for today — or with tomorrow or years ahead in mind?

As we prepare for our children to circle back to the nest this year, we think about what we bring to our tables, whom will join us, what will be taken away, and whom will return. Only time will tell how well we’ve done.

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