Making it merry and bright … ?

December 22, 2014 admin

Trees trimmed: Check.

Shopping: Check.

Cookies baked: Check.

Christmas cards: OMG.

It was a few days before Christmas and all through the house,

A +Mom was scrambling, her hand reaching for the mouse.

She clicked and she clacked, searching her way

To find a Christmas card site with delivery today.

Impossible task, or so it seemed, but +Mom was undaunted her eyes gleamed.

In an “ah-ha” moment, she said loud and clear “What’s wrong with a New Year’s card this year?”

It wasn’t her plan, but it worked out all right.

Happy New Year to All!

May it be Peaceful, Merry and Bright!


In the midst of Hanukkah and as Christmas and New Year’s approach, let’s remind each other that it’s not holiday perfection but holiday connection that really matters.

Have a wonderful holiday break. (We’re taking one, too!) +SNAX returns, with verve, in January.


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