My kid’s (not) a freak

January 5, 2015 admin

Years ago, my then seven-year-old came home quite upset about his day. When asked what the issue was, he said something like: “It was awful! We went to this class for 23 minutes and that place for 19 minutes and this other place for 25 minutes!” I recall thinking, “OK, so my kid’s a freak. What seven-year-old obsesses about time increments?” I tried not to worry but let’s be honest. I worried. It just seemed like strange behavior for a little person.

I vividly remember pulling out Your Seven-Year-Old, a Gesell Institute book from my (still) favorite parenting/child development series. And there, in the chapter “Characteristics of the Age,” it said: “Seven likes to locate things, especially himself, and wants to know where he stands. His interest in time may also be quite personal. Most Sevens can tell time (they love to have their own wristwatches) and may like to plan their own days. Sevens are aware of the passage of time as one event follows another.”

There it was. My kid was not a freak. He was just a Seven who wished he could plan his days. Woo HOO!!!

I’ve learned through the years that there is a lot of wacky stuff that goes on with kids and so much of what appears negative is normal. And if a behavior’s not normal, there are usually good people to help us through the rough patches.

Trish and I often say, “We wish we knew then what we know now.” That’s why we’ve included basic child development information (ages 4-14 years) in our original +Parenting and new +School Community Guides. Just click here (, scroll to the section “Do you have the knowledge?”, print whatever is helpful for you and share it around!

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