I am not going with you

January 12, 2015 admin

The semester had been a real roller coaster for the high school student due to one very tough advanced class. On one particularly challenging school night, he said to his mother with big eyes, “Why don’t you print out all of my homework and stay on me about it like so many other parents do with their kids?”

“I’ve never done that, and I am not going to start now, and you know it,” she said. “Can I make you some tea?” she added, because she’d read that making tea is a good way to calm down a stressed teen. She’d been making a lot of tea … “And one more thing,” she added. “Do you think the parents you mentioned will be going to college with their kids? I love you so much and I will miss you when you go, but let’s be clear. I will definitely not be going to college with you, and you will have to handle this stuff then on your own. Best to keep doing it on your own now. I honestly don’t care about your grade. All you have to do is your best.”

The following week, he came home so proud of the excellent grade he’d earned on a big paper and the highest quiz grade he’d received to date both in that super-tough class. And there it was: his struggle and his hard work delivered his personal sense of accomplishment.


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