Peopleboxes 2.0

February 16, 2015 admin

Boxes are for things, not for people. But we put people (including ourselves) in boxes all the time. How do we set them free? Our 2014 New Year’s +GiftBook, Peopleboxes, is a gift we’d like to give you again, this time with a +Twist: a NEW Discuss/Create section for families, schools, teams … and any group of people who desires to live, work and play together more peacefully.

Just click here to enjoy — and share:

Peopleboxes Cover, A +Book from +Works®


Another +GiftBook to read/share: Everybody Rocks

Everybody Rocks page 1

Note: For best results, view our +FlipBooks via desktop, laptop or SmartBoard. You can share via email, Facebook or Twitter (@positivewrks).

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