A little YOU DO YOU

March 2, 2015 admin


We can be so tough on ourselves.

The Vortex

In our desire to do the right thing, and help our kids and families through their own struggles, we often put ourselves last. We can be alone in that vortex and bombard ourselves with negative self-talk that isn’t the kind of chat we’d have with ANYONE.

What’s THAT all about anyway?

When things get out of whack, let’s dare to step out of The Vortex, take a break from “them,” get quiet and look inside — with kindness. Maybe it’s time for a little YOU DO YOU:

You do you.

You be you.

You love you.

You accept you.

Good enough IS enough.

Then we can step back in with a clearer vision and bring our best selves to those we love and care for.

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