But not all people

March 23, 2015 admin

At the kitchen table

On the beach

In the conference room

At the water cooler

In the bleachers

In the car

Some people still sit back


allowing gossip to leave an empty, helpless feeling

that “I could’ve said …” deposits heavy

on a heart

But not all people

Because it’s true that people are changing

Times are changing

Parents, teachers, grandparents, coaches, students

can see the opportunity

and the importance of finding one’s voice

There is hope

People are finding courage

and feeling empowered to stand up

and say this is not OK

for the first time

and then the second

And they’re telling their kids

and their students

and their players

and each other

how good it feels to use the one +Voice

they knew deep down

they had

and to be the person they know

they want

to be.


Five years ago this month, we stopped crying in our coffee and created +Works at our own kitchen tables to better understand and get ahead of bullying in our school communities. Since then, we’ve seen, heard and felt the change you, our +Supporters, and so many others believe is possible. It’s been quite a +Journey, and we thank you from our mothers’ hearts for joining us.

Sarah & Trish

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