It’s all about that base

April 13, 2015 admin

The final day of spring break brought the family together one last evening. These were rare days she cherished with her college-junior daughter, who would be heading back across the state and her high-school-junior son, who would be buckling down in a few weeks to face end-of-year finals … and begin his own college search.

Centered in the kitchen, the family gathered, all hands on deck.  A pot was boiling for pasta, a salad was being assembled, and the dog was barking to be let out — again. The scene was chaotic but brought back wonderful memories and made her smile.

“I can’t wait to be on my own and get out of here,” said her son.

“I thought the same thing,” her daughter said. “And now,” she said, with her hands outstretched, “this is what I miss the most — and so will you.”

Each day, in ordinary moments, we have the opportunity to build family connections.  Let’s build a base that draws us together — and lasts beyond the chaos.

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