I wish my teacher knew ________

April 20, 2015 admin

A third grade teacher in Denver has sparked a viral online conversation with her profoundly simple, extremely powerful classroom idea.  She asked her students to complete a very straight-forward writing prompt:

I wish my teacher knew _______________.

The answers broke her heart and opened some vitally important discussions in her classroom and now, in schools all over the country: http://www.reuters.com/video/2015/04/18/denver-teachers-third-grade-assigment-go?videoId=363906408

As we wind our way toward the end of yet another school year in classrooms, on teams, on PTOs and PTAs, in faith communities, and at our own kitchen tables, let’s consider asking our children what they think wethe adults in their lives — need to know for them to feel understood.

And, let’s listen.

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